Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lovi Poe Flies High With The Escort

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Premiere Actress Lovi Poe is much talked about these days. This is because of her role in the controversial flick "The Escort". In this new outing, Lovi plays the role of Yassi. She is a young girl who is working her way to care of her siblings. Yassi meets Cyrus, played by Derek Ramsay, a hot flashy guy who immediately gets smitten with Yassi. Cyrus however has bigger plans for Yassi. He hopes to introduce Yassi to the profession of being an escort. Millionaire Gary Montanilla, portrayed by the Christopher De Leon, enters into the picture. Gary also gets smitten with Yassi due to Cyrus' insistence. But Cyrus realizes that he loves Yassi and can't let go of her. What happens next is a never-ending series of conflicts among the three characters.

Actress Lovi Poe considers her role in "The Escort", as one of the most difficult and most challenging of her career. "Yassi is the boldest character I have ever played, boldest because she reveals her inner most character as the story unfolds. Yassi can't be bought. She has her principles. But she is not stupid either. In the end, she swallows her pride and follows her heart, but with a heavy price", reveals Lovi. Although the actress has won several acting awards in the past, she thinks that her portrayal of Yassi in "The Escort", is one of the hardest she has ever done. "It's also the most sensual", she adds.

Lovi Poe indeed seems to be flying high these days. aside from "The Escort" which opens on November 2, Lovi is seen Weeknights in her prime-time teleserye "Someone to Watch over Me", which airs at 9:15 pm on GMA 7.

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