Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Fujifilm Photo Diary, Photo Albums With High Quality

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I actually have a lot of pictures stored on my laptop and my phone, and not all are posted on my social media accounts. Nowadays having them printed and putting them each in an album is so much of a hassle and time consuming plus a bit pricey in terms of wanting to print them all lol! But here's the good news, Fujifilm came up with this awesome "Photo Diary" yep, it is a book like finish but with our photos in it, the paper used is water resistant and the print is in top quality. Imagine storing your event photos in a shelf with titles on each of them so you would be able to know which is which, plus it is very affordable like it starts at Php 1,000 for a 16-page of photos depending on the kind of template or layout that you want, so you can customize and fit in small and large photos is one page.

How to do it? If you have much of time, sort through your photos and save it on your USB flash drive, visit any Fujifilm sho and attach ur USB on their machine and then go ahead and edit the photos based on your preference, key in the title, color and personalize, then pay and come back the next day (within 24hrs) to claim. But for those who are in a hurry you can just drop by a Fujifilm store, leave your USB with them and they'll be the one to do it for you, just drop by the next day and voila you'll get your own Photo Diary, it's just that easy.

I will soon try this with our photos, I just need the time to actually sort them lol! But will post again once our Photo Diary is done. So cherish those memories with lovely Photo Diaries from Fujifilm.

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