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A Mom's Day Out Story, Because I Deserve It!

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I was invited to a Mom’s Day Out event courtesy of Sun Life Financial, the number 1 Life Insurance Company here in the Philippines. It was held at I’M Hotel in Makati, wherein I’m Onsen Spa was also located. I got excited about visiting the hotel since I’ve seen a lot of photos of their swimming pool area plus knowing that we’ll have a spa treatment too. Talking about hitting two birds with one stone lol!

Hi Ms Michele

For the Family
For the first part, we were ushered in a room where the talk will be held. The first speaker was Ms. Michelle Alignay, a Family Life Specialist. She looks intimidating, like she was so serious and all, but when she started to talk, my attention was all hers. Her topic was interesting, about family and being a mom. I specifically love her topic about not getting guilty if ever there are times we need to leave our kids for some “me time” because we deserve it. Also, that there is nothing wrong to stop or pause and not fix everything and give ourselves time to rest. Oh it was such a relief for first time moms like me to hear encouraging words that everything is going to be alright even though there are life challenges. I love her and would love to talk with her some more in the future lol! (I think I can talk all day)

For The Future
The second talk was by Ms. Mylene Segismundo, Cluster Head of Sun Life. She discussed on how we can start now and save for our child’s future. I was shocked on how many millions a college tuition fee would cost when my baby would eventually enter college. So when I got home I told my husband that we have to be ready for it and start soon so we won’t have to deal with it in the future. It was an eye opener that there are people from Sun Life Financial willing to help and assist us in planning for our future and it’s for FREE!

For Relaxation
After the very educational talks, we lead to have our spa at I’m Onsen Spa. We were made to change into our Japanese Robes in the locker area, no need to worry their lockers is very high tech and very secured so I was comfortable leaving my valuables inside.
Then we went on the area where we will wait to be called by our therapist. Surprisingly the area was so huge with lots of comfortable lazy boy kind of seats plus hot and cold tea was available while we sit and wait and of course have our photos taken. Here’s a quick video of the area.

Ate Jen and I in my Japanese Robe

Finally my name was called by my therapist, Ate Jen. I was ushered in the spa area and again it was like an entire floor of massage rooms with private curtains. I chose the single room only but saw that there were rooms for couples too and thought to myself I will be back here with my husband so we can avail the couple room yay! Ate Jen was very careful when it came to the massage she kept asking me during the first part if I was okay with the strength of her hand. You see, based on my past massage experiences, therapist would go in and massage me the “hard” way because they thought maybe just because I am chubby that I won’t feel them when it’s just a “light” massage. Wrong! Lol! I hate “hard” I just want it “light” it relaxes me. That’s why when Ate Jen finally got a hold of how I wanted my strokes, I dozed off. The place was just so relaxing, a little bit cold at times but still the best one I experienced so far, and the oil that was used on me smells just about right.

The very spacious spa room

My first plate
For Food
After the very lovely massage, a dinner buffet was waiting at the Bloom restaurant. What a way to cap off the day with a wide spread of food for buffet. Bloom restaurant was very cozy, the variety of food was that of an international buffet style restaurants. There was a vegetable station, my favorite broccoli and cauliflower in mushroom sauce was my "rice" for the meals, just because I don't want to be super full immediately and won't be able to taste the other sumptuous dishes. The Tempura station was heaven, always filled with freshly fried Japanese staples. Other stations were the soup, salad, and grill stations with a lot of food choices that definitely is comforting.

There was also a pasta station for all you pasta lovers out there, you can ask the chef to create one for you, cooked to your hearts desire. The dessert station will always be the area where most people converge, unbelievably Bloom's has a good spread of sweets. Crepes can be made upon request and topped with a scoop of ice cream, imagine it melting on your crepe? Drool my dear friends.

If you enjoyed reading my post, good news you can also experience the Mom's Day Out courtesy of Sun Life Financial by visiting their facebook page here: Sun Life Financial to know more. Hurry there's another one happening on July 1st, so register immediately!

To wrap things up, it was indeed a day which filled my whole being from my mind, to my body down to my tummy. Thank you again to Sun Life Financial for this very fruitful event. Also, thank you to the very generous product sponsors for our goodie bags.

I hope the next time I could try their swimming pool (finally saw this up close)

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