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GCASH Saves The Day!

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Busy saving the world; got no time to go to the bank?

Just like the person Coldplay sang about, I am not a superhero with superpowers. But I like to think that with what I do at work everyday, I can soon accumulate enough goodwill to ease the plight of our planet.

The whiteboard in the office is groaning with a full schedule each month. The team has their respective assignments and responsibilities. Since the team consists of four people, it goes without saying that each one takes on more than the JD allows.

I take care of the communication aspect of our work. From the time I wake up to the time I sleep (if it’s possible), I eat and breathe comms, comms, comms.

Take a look at what my day looks like:

7 a.m. – Scan for news, write-ups, mentions of our organization
8 a.m. – Check out messenger apps for any client concerns
9 a.m. – Get up, cook and prepare my little boy for school
10:30 a. m. - Drop off at school
11 a. am. - Gym
12:30 p. m. - Lunch
1:45 p. m. – Pick up from school
2:30 p. m. – Prep my son for nap time
3 p. m. – Attend events, meet with clients
8 p.m. – Go home
9 p.m. – Prep my son to bed
11 p.m. – Check online stories and some youtube time

You may ask, “Is that for real?” or “Seriously?!” The answer is YES.

As you can see, the schedule does not include time for friends and my other obligations—paying bills, paying for things I order online, or (even if it is rare), booking Airbnb. What’s a 30-something-year-old got to do? Hire an Andy to do my bidding? Sadly, I’m no Miranda Priestly. Besides, I’m too busy saving the world, I got no time to go to the bank.

The good news is that there’s GCash I can depend on to do the more mundane stuff in life. I am a fan of the GCash Money Transfer; I can send or pay money on my phone anytime, anywhere.

Sending money via GCash is a breeze:
1. Open the app.
2. Look for the Send Money icon.
3. Choose the bank to send payment.
4. Log in the account details and amount.
5. Wait for confirmation.

Bottomline: I can fulfill my obligations and still save time AND money (GCash money transfer is FREE). I figure, if I want to change the world, I need to start changing my financial habits. Going cashless is that ONE big step.

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