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HEALTHWAY LIFESTYLE BUNDLES: A Pathway To A Healthier Lifestyle

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For more than 20 years, Healthway Medical has continued to make a name in the Philippines as a leader in preventive healthcare, offering customers various medical checkups that come in numerous package offerings.

In showing the way to Filipinos toward a healthier lifestyle, Healthway Medical currently has three product packages: Basic 5, PrimecheQ and HealthcheQ. Basic 5 covers the Annual Physical Exam (APE), PrimecheQ is designed to ensure healthy aging in one’s prime years, and HealthcheQ is a premium brand of executive check-up that offers comprehensive medical tests with pampering treats. These have remained successful in providing the utmost health care needs of clients’ and patients’ needs. However, after studying the market’s demand, Healthway determined there is already a need to come up with more packages.

Thus, Healthway launched recently at the Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City a new executive check-up set dubbed “Healthy Lifestyle Bundles” that offers a variety of packages customized for customers’ lifestyle needs. It includes science-based personalized coaching and medical consultation to help start and maintain new healthy behaviors. It comes in 6 packages: WellCheQ, PhysicalCheQ, WeightCheQ, HeartCheQ, DiabetesCheQ and SportsCheQ, all designed to help patients achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

WellCheQ provides patients a full evaluation of their health via a comprehensive executive check-up, while PhysicalCheQis a comprehensive medical examination package that evaluates the status of one’s health

As a response to the growing number of weight, heart and diabetes health issues among Filipinos, Healthy Lifestyle Bundles suggests WeightCheq, HeartCheq, and DiabetesCheq, all relevant tests designed to help patients screen or monitor their weight, heart and blood sugar levels.

Even professional and non-professional/recreational athletes will also find the Healthy Lifestyle Bundles’ SportsCheQ very appropriate as it gives special care to the sports enthusiast by thoroughly evaluating their physical condition. 

All these packages are beneficial to combat self-inflicted diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity, all preventable through Healthway’s Preventive Health Cycle: embracing the “SEED” Lifestyle (Sleep, Eat Right, Exercise, De-Stress), conducting a quick self-check and consulting a medical professional regularly.

Also present during the launch were Healthway Medical’s partners such as Fitness Army and Nestlé Philippines, and one of its brand ambassadors, professional athlete JV Wong, who is also Chief Executive of People Ignite, an organization and development company in the country.

Know more about Healthway Medical’s Healthy Lifestyle Bundles and get your way towards a healthier lifestyle.

Avail of the many health and wellness services of Healthway Medical in their clinics located at Alabang Town Center, Festival Supermall, Greenbelt 5, Market! Market!, Robinsons Place Manila, Shangri-La Plaza, and SM North EDSA The Block. 

For more information, call the Customer Care Hotline (02)751-4929 or visit You can also “Like” Healthway Medical on Facebook ( to get updates of their upcoming events and programs.

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