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Ajinomoto Philippines launched its product AJI SAVOR ON RICE together with its new endorsers MARCO, SOPHIA and CHUNSA with special co-host KUYA SAWA.

Aji on Rice is a rice topping that is delicious and an affordable way to add calcium on one's diet. Inspired by Japanese Furikake, this product is a blend of ready-to-eat dried umami food ingridients like malunggay leaves, toasted sesame seeds and meaty beef or chicken flavored granules that is used to season rice. Each pack is gooe enough for one cup of rice.

Rice is known as our staple food in the Philippines, thus this product hopes to add more calcium into the Filipino diet. During the 8th National Nutrition Survey, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute recorded high inadequacies of calcium intake across all age groups. It is deemed alarming in particular with the younger population since calcium is one of the key nutrients required for proper growth and development.

AJI Savor contains 385mg of calcium, which is comparable to the calcium that we can get from a glass of milk. As a food company,
Ajinomoto utilizes its technical expertise to enhance the quality of life for the Filipinos by offering delicious, safe and quality food products and also promoting proper nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.

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