Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i'm not complaining

Posted by Misis Nikole  |  at   4:53 PM 1 comment

my "life in the fat lane" title doesn't mean i am complaining or will be complaining about food, fatness and stuff. nuh-uh not me

i say i know myself to love and accept things as they be, me being on the heavy side made me a real person because we have to accept it nothing is really perfect and if this is what's given to us we should accept it first before we go on experimenting on how to's and what to do's.

of course i tried different types or ways of doing those famous diets, eating habits, food intake, exercise and to top it all joined a contest on banana dieting Dole Banan Diet Challenge i was with team bananas angels cute right? oh the road to fitness. we did enjoy the challenge but i personally think it lacks substance i will tell you more about it on another post

well there you go for my first official blog as the title goes... i am not complaining about my life i just wanted to share and enjoy it.


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