Friday, September 10, 2010

office pa bibo

Posted by Misis Nikole  |  at   6:48 AM 2 comments

today i decided to stay in the office after my shift , my initial plan was to go home late  because tomorrow is a holiday so hello long weekend, but it's not that exciting since it's "petsa de peligro" . time passed and yet i am still here like i was in double shift mode. it's now exactly 6am...
on saturday i will attend an event and i am just too excited maybe that's why i had super powers to stay up until this time, funny that some night shifters are now going home... and i am still here waiting for jay to finish his shift and then we'll head home... next post will be about the event on saturday ok here's a clue bdj


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  1. hala! you stayed there until morning? sana hinde dahil sa "mission" ha! waaah!

  2. nope chim not the mission... i just stayed kasi you know i feel lonely at home when i am alone :)


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