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the movie: sa'yo lamang - what can i say...

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  i grew up watching local films that i believe is worth the penny especially nowadays that our financial capability is a bit challenging. Today because it is a holiday, a friend of mine from my hometown baguio who happens to work here in manila too and i scheduled to watch "sa'yo lamang", a movie produced by star cinema, a movie that i believe should be watched by every family in our nation.
the movie for me is good, not the best but yeah good. i think the story is very good and the cast, but i still felt that it lacks drama and by that i mean intense drama, yeah there were scenes that i almost cried and then poof next scene, it's like i was not given the chance to feel the goodness of the emotion. i also felt like everyone is rushing to finish a scene it's like after this scene let's move next, next and so on. admitting i am expecting too much from this film since the last full family focused movie i saw was "tanging yaman" not to be biased and all but that movie made me cry and it still does every   time i watch it not to mention i have an original vcd but was lost *sad*.  

  anyway going back to "sa'yo lamang" it's like the movie just evolved to one character, played by bea alonzo, it's like everything is about her. honestly while writing this down i have mixed emotions, maybe because i can't really describe what i felt about the film, maybe i am also a bit disappointed i was waiting for me to cry buckets but oh my tears were held every time the next scene appears. there's just this one scene that i think was perfect and really gave the audience a chance to feel every inch of emotion and that scene made me cry... it is the part of the movie when lorna tolentino was chilling or was having a seizure in her room, when all of the children went there, in panic mode, and had her wrapped in layers of blankets and then they hugged her really tight, bea's acting here is superb, that she was in shock and too afraid to even come near her mom, she didn't know what to do, then finally took the courage to hold her mom's face and then pray, i believe in God... and everyone followed... this was the best part for me it got me goose bumps and i felt my tears. it was a genuine scene; i imagined i was with them that if i could help and hug their mom too i would gladly do. that is the kind of scene i was looking forward to. 

  yes i could say that "tanging yaman" is still my best family oriented film locally. but "sa'yo lamang" comes in second still a winner... also running through my mind is maybe the movie was really made that way, that it should not be too dramatic as we are in the new generation but still i want that oozing crying moment while the movie is playing.

  oh too dramatic? c'mon our real life is composed of real drama... i want more tear jerking movies and i suggest  myself to watch this movie again but this time on DVD maybe i'd have a different review after my second attempt. why the second attempt? i want to fully enjoy the movie alone maybe by that time i'll cry buckets.‎

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