Thursday, May 26, 2011

first formal valentines date - kilig

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I was browsing through some old photos last night from my phone and look what i got our pictures from last valentines day, i forgot to post since it was on my phone.

As a couple one of our favorite place to eat comfort food is at Jade Palace in Shaw blvd. First because of pork siomai oh how i love the real pork plus shrimp the serving is so good and yummy dipped in soy sauce and calamansi, next is their yang chow fried rice, the serving is enough for two plus ingredients are complete just the way it should be - this awesome duo is our total fave. Also the price is extremely low for a chinese style restaurant and the best thing is it's near our place just one tricycle away.

But then on this night of the 13th of February we decide not to order our awesome duo meal. Why? because they laid this special Valentines Promo on our table and asked us if we'd like to try them... and with a little discussion and "para maiba" we did order...

As expected we were so full because the serving we believe is not just for two it could be for 3 to 4 persons lol! we had to have them wrap the rest for take-out. it was a lovely dinner and the fact that it's our first valentine formal date since when?

Will be sharing with you what we had for that very special day or date lol!

a good deal for a date

Minced Spinach w/ Assorted Seafood Soup
Fish Fillet with Cream Cheese Sauce
Sliced beef with Kangkong

Yang Chow Fried Rice

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