Friday, May 27, 2011

Mara Clara... the end

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I never thought I'd be an avid fan of the new generation Mara Clara. I watched the original teleserye then played by Judy Ann Santos as Mara and Gladys Reyes as Clara, so I thought nothing or no one could beat that tandem. Surprisingly Kathryn Bernardo (Mara) and Julia Montes (Clara) was superb. Personally I didn't want to watch this at first since I did already watch the original one so I thought same story just different people playing the roles. So when it started I ignored the first few episodes. Then came that one night that I stopped and watched out of curiosity and at the same time people in the office were talking about it and so I said I'll give it a shot.

That one night became the start, i realized these kids were good, actually the whole cast was portraying their roles very well, they added a few characters but it works. Aling Lupe (Gina Pareno) as ever was superb, Dimples Romana (Alvira) and Bobby Andrews (Amante) played their roles neatly as the Del Valle couple, Mylene Dizon (Susan) I admire her she is believable, Jhong Hilario (Gary) I enjoyed his character since the original person who played the role of Gary before passed on at the time the teleserye was ongoing so his role was cut short. And of course Mara and Clara who would've known the two teens could actually pull off their roles. They made my teleserye nights even more excting...

But of course  everything has an ending, as they approach their last week, I think to myself oh well I will miss this teleserye, I even can't imagine how will it end I just wanted to feel every episode of it and for sure I am not the only one who will miss them. Goodbye Mara Clara I am so glad in this lifetime of mine I had the opportunity to watch a very good teleserye in two different generations. Till then...The end.

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