Thursday, May 19, 2011

mahal kong luneta

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I got an official invite on my email to tour Luneta Park, I got excited...
It will be my first time to go there, in my 5 years of working here in the Metro I always thought of visiting Luneta since it is one of known public park here in the Philippines so I am really that curious, plus a friend told be that Luneta is now on renovation in preparation for our National Hero -  Dr. Jose Rizal's 150th Birthday.

We (Wheng, Jay and I) were greeted by the tour contact person Ms. Vita and was led to a holding room where other bloggers are also waiting. New faces - I guess most of them are Travel Bloggers and it was nice that they said hi and we did a little chat over yosi with some guysoutside of the building.

So came the time we out and tour... we rode the "tram" while others had the "kalesa"
It was indeed an overwhelming view and an educational tour... I personally recommend Luneta to be a place for relaxation and boncing with family and loved ones :)

Tram with Sis Wheng

Tram with Jay

Rizal @150

Pedestrian Crossing

KM 0



Very Educational Discussion


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