Sunday, January 29, 2012

the darkest hour

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had the opportunity to see the movie 'the darkest hour' for an advance screening. i was first nervous since i am not a fan of ghostly effects for movies and so i thought it was a horror film, but because i was going with friends i was a bit brave haha.

about the movie? i appreciate it, it's not everyday that i get to watch these kinds of films but this one i think captured the essence of the idea that we might not be really alone in this planet, that maybe but i hope not that one day it could possibly happen to our dear planet.

Also it was refreshing to watch the setting of the movie in a not so common or usual venue thus adding to the suspense and excitement.

Through the end i was expecting more action or at least a full blast fight scene or the resolution and the success that they were able to actually end the fight but i guess i was left hanging or because we usually have happy endings that we have beaten the alien invasion, oh well

but all in all it was a great film and maybe hope for a sequel to at least see what happened or we have beaten the invasion.


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