Friday, January 6, 2012

my milky&sunny breakfast

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This was the day i decided that we should try this new breakfast hub in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. apart from it's just a tricycle away from our office and our home, people talk about the place so well we might as well try.

j's order was red and green bell pepper, potatoes and sausage omelette and i say it tastes really good i mean not the usual omelette. It was served neatly and looks yummy and true enough it made his day sunny!

mine is the breakfast club sandwich that i wasn't really happy about although the serving was nice there was just too much thousand island dressing that it drowned the flavors of the ham, egg and cheese. every bite tastes like the dressing so i have to separate the loaf which contains it but other than that i think it was good. also we ordered the fresh mango juice and i say it was freshly worth it. too bad the highly recommended chicken and waffles was not available.

i could agree with some people that some of the food were a bit pricey for their serving never the less i will probably come back to try on their other dishes but maybe it would take a few weeks or so

breakfast club sandwich and fresh mango juice

red and green bell pepper, potatoes and sausage omelette

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