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Ever wondered how tragic it is to be in a situation wherein you were kidnapped and helpless. Thinking about your family back home and how to be able to escape just to be with them? Your family thought that you were dead and they start to move on and after a few months you were identified to be alive.

This is where everything starts for this film shot mainly in the beautiful place of Bohol, refreshing since we haven't seen Mr. Cesar Montano in a while, partnered with a very versatile actress Ms. Angel Aquino and includes the beautiful Mercedes Cabral. The film tacles maybe a simple story of family, career and love yet it is strong in character. Anything that happens to anyone within a family can affect everyone so I guess that is why the called it "Biktima"

The movie known to be shot in limited time only, delivered its message well, the story is about family and captures all the emotions in one, drama-comedy-suspense. Will definitely make you teary eyed, laugh and be shocked.

Directed by RD Alba and is currently showing Nationwide.

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