Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This is: The X-Factor

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We were invited to witness, experience and meet the X-Factor Finalists. It was one big opportunity that I wouldn't want to miss.

PAGCOR is the venue for the both the Live Performance Night that's held during Saturdays and Results Night on Sundays for the whole season. It is the perfect place for its comfortable seats, huge stage and good airconditioning. I was in awe when we were given the privilege to actually walk the stage and check out the Judges' seats, yes we sat down and took pictures. The stage gave me the hype, it feels differrent when you're up there with all the cameras, the people, and the lights, it was really a wow!

We met some people behind the show, they were very warm and accomodating, sharing stories about the show, how it is done, and the emotional effect on them especially during results night. And of course we wouldn't miss the part of meeting the contestants in their holding room where everything is prepared from hair and make-up, their clothes and where they rest before the live performance. I must say, you will really feel their closeness and friendship despite the competition. Sharing their support for each other, how they hate Sundays now since it is the judgement night, knowing somebody would go home after. These kids are tough, facing a new life everyday, the pressure and stress the competition gives them and of course for those who are not from the city longs for their families. But they have to do it, be strong for their dreams. I salute them.

Live Performance was the best, the crowd was awesome shouting and clapping for their favorites. I personally would love to watch them live every Saturday, the music is much different, you really feel everything and makes me think they all deserve to win. It must be super hard for the Judges.

Sunday is Results Night this affected me so much, emotions were overwhelming, and this time the energy of the fans doubled. Roaring with their banners of who they support it was a blast and they are obviously solid supporters but doesn't disrespect other people who supports other candidates. That to me is a good sign that we can actually have a healthy competition.

The announcement was the most heartbreaking of all, somebody has to go home, people have different opinions especially on social media sites but then again they based the results on the voting power of the people. At the end of the day, this is still a competion and there could only be one winner. But for me, the important thing is the friendship that they built, the X-Factor family that they learned to love and the experience it gave them to do much better. It will not end here, opportunities will be everywhere, it is up for them to grab it.

This was also a great experience for me, for someone who dreams of working in this kind of environment, yes it looks easy on TV but behind the camera is all hard work and for sure after every successful show comes the feeling of relief that the team made it! X-Factor Team Congratulations in advance a Job Well Done. :-)

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