Friday, September 21, 2012

Gloc-9: Mga Kwento Ng Makata (MKNM)

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Gloc-9 one of this generations man of rap releases his first album under Universal Records entitled MKNM Mga Kwento ng Makata. The album is filled with songs which everyone can actually relate to.

Sirena is the carrier single and has been playing in radio stations because for me it has the biggest impact in our society nowadays. The song Sirena pertains to a gay guy who, from his younger years have been beaten up by his dad because he is not acting the way a real man should. And because he was gay, people make fun of him and considered him as a big joke, but then in the end he was the one left to take care of his family and took the responsibility of being the man of the house.

This song truly captured my heart since I have so many gay friends whom I personally know, how well they love their family and will do everything for them. Sirena is a reality song in our society today, some may be isulting the gay community but who would have known that most of them are just like all of us working to survive in this world we live in.

All tracks on this album is superb so go grab your copy now, it's worth your penny and remember no to piracy

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