Saturday, November 2, 2013

Honesto (Honest 'To) Promise!

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Honesto is the newest primetime bida offering of the kapamilya network, the pilot week was a huge success making everyone, kids and adults alike look forward to watching every night. And doing the "Honest 'to Promise" sign has been going around the online community,  even my nephew who is only 3 years old knows how to do it, when we say "Honest To" he goes "Wamis" too cute! 

Honesto will surely go a long way teaching the value of being Honest, and would be a good influence to everyone. Honesto airs every weeknights after TV Patrol. Let's all support "Honesto"

The little boy who plays Honesto is super charming, Raikku when asked by the media people why he wanted to be an actor answered "Gusto ko po kasi mapanood sarili ko sa TV" (I want to see myself on TV) and the press went giggling and smiling of how this little boy simply answered the question with all honesty. 

Honesto is joined by undeniable great actors such as Mr. Eddie Garcia, Ms. Janice de Belen, Melissa Ricks, Paolo Avelino, Joseph Marco, Malai Cantiveros, Jason Francisco, Angel Aquino, Joel Torre and a lot more. Watch "Honesto" eery night before Got To Believe.

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