Sunday, November 10, 2013

Miss Philippines is 3rd Runner Up in Miss Universe 2013

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Our very own Ariella Arida bagged the 3rd Runner Up award from the recently concluded Miss Universe 2013. A pool of mixed emotions soared through social media sites. Some wanting to curse the judges, others thought her answer was so right, and a few thought her answer lacked that "umph". 

We did not get the title this year but we should still celebrate that we have been consistently on the Top 5 for four consecutive years, also who would've expected that we almost made it to the crown when in fact Ara was called for the Top 16 as the last one since she got the slot from online votes. So you see my dear fellow Filipinos, we still have a lot to be thankful for, we will get to that coveted crown soon, but for now...

Congratulations to our dearest Ariella Arida, you gave your best shot and we are proud of you! Congrats Philippines! We made it till the end.

Note: Photo taken from FB :-)

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