Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kambal Sirena | GMA's Very Own Mermaid Story

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GMA, known as the Kapuso Network is very proud of their project "Kambal Sirena". Though most of the viewers immediate reaction was a bit negative, they promised that the "story" was very original. We had a chance to sit down with two of the lead stars Mike Tan and Louise delos Reyes during the blogger's conference for "Kambal Sirena". Both stars were enjoying their work in the serye and says they are doing their job and they know that their show is being compared that that of Anne Curtis' "Dyeseel".

Asked what do they think is the difference between the two seryes? Both of them answered, they are very proud to have an original story, that their staff, writers and researchers are doing extra efforts to come out with a good story, also plus the fact that theirs are twins. Louise was also asked of what she thinks is her advantage over Anne; she paused for a while before answering and said she's really more of a fan of Anne and she's just doing the best she can as an actress. Someone suggests that one of her edge over Anne is her age, that she is younger, but Mike Tan had this very smart answer to that. He says he thinks age can not be claimed as an advantage or disadvantage because as actors/actresses they have to portray the role as what is stated in the script or the story, meaning if the role calls for them to act like 14 year old teen, that's how they will attack it, if they have to be mature like 30's they's have to learn how to act like one, so he thinks in the showbiz world age is not that big of a thing, it is still the acting.

Louise also wished that the serye will last even at least up on her birthday which will be in September, when asked if ever people will love their show and it has to extend from their usual 4 months. It will be one of her happiest birthday if that happens. Kambal Sirena is running daily after the 24 Oras news of GMA 7.

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