Friday, April 11, 2014

Samsung Presents the Galaxy Pro Series

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Press Release:

          Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) a leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies announced today their latest line of tablets meant to marry the productivity of a PC and the ease of a tablet. The PRO Series by Samsung Galaxy features the Galaxy Note PRO (12.2-inch) and the Tab PRO (8.4-inch).  The PRO Series is a perfect tool for the creative, dynamic and progressive individual. These people are today’s modern trailblazers and innovators that take their work wherever they go - the entrepreneurs on-the-go. The PRO Series promises an extension of the legacy with power that delivers a progressive, productive, proactive and professional experience that sets a new standard for tablets in the market today.
 The PRO Series comes in 12.2-inch and 8.4-inch variants. Both boast of a WQXGA Display with 4 million pixels that offer a crystal clear resolution for a world-class viewing experience. The PRO Series can also act as an extension of one’s desktop. With the Remote PC features, one is able to access their desktop from a PRO tablet wherever they may be. The larger of the two variants introduces a new way to maximize its game-changing screen size through the introduction of the enhanced Multi-Window feature, allowing one to open four app windows at once!  Now that’s productivity at its finest! All this and more, the Galaxy PRO Series tablets prove to be a perfect companions for today’s progressive purveyor.
With the launch of the PRO Series, Samsung also introduces Hancom Office – an application intended for creating office documents. Hancom Office on the PRO Series’ tablets allows users to create, edit and access documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the go. The Hancom Office Suite is available as a free download in the Samsung Apps Store to the PRO series. All this with the use of the multi-function S Pen for an enhanced method of input with the Galaxy Note PRO. That’s productivity levels boosted with just a few features to your use! The PRO Series by Samsung Galaxy is for the one’s ahead of the game, those who make work feel like play. 

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