Wednesday, April 2, 2014

UMD, Sexbomb Dancers and The Maneouvres: The Ultimate Dance Throwback

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Remember these dance groups way back 90's? Of course you do, and they can still do the moves that made their fans (including me of course) love them. Why are they back for a dance showdown? It is because of a vitamin tablet which is Neurobion.

Neurobion launched a campaign awareness on Neuropathy; the feeling of numbness and pain in certain areas of the body. Neurobion as a vitamin can help ease these symptoms that occurs mostly on the hands and feet. The tablet contains Vitamin B1, B6 and B12. The Neuropathy Awareness Movement starts now and uses the hashtag #FeelKoAngBuhay which encourages everyone that it's never too late to enjoy life, and as an everyday reminder that prevention is still better than cure.

Here are the videos of the dance throwback. Enjoy!
UMD (Universal Motion Dancers): Wowie De Guzman and James Salas
The Maneouvres: Joshua Zamora and Jon Supan
The Sexbomb Dancers: Jopay, Donna and Jaja


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