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Top Desserts On My List This Summer!

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Desserts: the type of food we Filipino's love to enjoy and it doesn't have to be at the end of every meal. What I mean is, we can actually have one any time of the day, may it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner and of course during snack time. The sweet tooth in us never gets tired of trying out different kinds of desserts especially during this generation of people being very experimental in creating a new one hence having a lot to choose from.

I recently had a dessert tasting event in five different world class restaurants at Solaire (read article here) and with that I would like to share with you my top 5 desserts as of this date.

Number 5: Halo-Halo (Fresh Buffet, Solair and anywhere else)
Who does not love halo-halo? This is our Filipino pride, a little of everything like banana, sago, nata de coco, kaong, gulaman, ube and more in one fancy glass, topped with ice cream and loads of milk. Woah! that was so yummy!

Number 4: Guyabano Ice Cream (Yakumi, Solair)
A refreshing flavour of an ice cream, so perfect that it made me want to have some more, not too sweet but very flavourful.

Number 3: Solair Cake (Fresh Buffet, Solair)
This is one of the best chocolate cake I ever tasted so far, very moist that it melts in my mouth and not so sweet, plus the bitterness of the dark chocolate made it more exciting in every bite. Bonus is the 24-karat gold shavings on it, made me feel like a Queen.

Number 2: Glutinous Rice Balls with Red Bean Cream (Red Lantern, Solair)
If you have read my full post about this dessert I mentioned there that this was my favourite of all because of the surprise inside those balls, and it really did complement with the red bean cream.

Number 1: Sansrival (Sizzling Plate, Baguio)
As a Baguio girl, I grew up having this particular Sansrival every year during my birthday, not a fan of fancy princess or cartoon cakes just this and I am all set. And because I really loved Sansrival, it also became my wedding cake, see how obsessive I am about this? That's why it is my top choice still amidst everything I have tasted. Just in case you visit my hometown try this one and let me know.

So those are my top desserts from my recent sweet tooth hopping. Try them when you visit Solair Resort, and when you’re in Baguio, you'll surely have a good stay and a sweet smile.

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