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Solaire Resort and Casino's Treats for our Sweets

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Solaire Resort and Casino hosted an event for us bloggers to an afternoon of sweets, the event was called "Bloggers Dessert Experience" wherein they unveil their newest summer sweets from five of their finest restaurants and served and made especially by their world-class chefs. It was indeed a lovely sugar-rush filled event, read on as I try my best to describe how my taste buds went on a happy field trip of its own.

-YAKUMI | Chef Norimasa Kosaka -
Chef Norimasa values food simplicity, freshness and quality as well as the preference and satisfaction of guests.

Dessert 1: Mango and Guyabano Ice Cream
A sorbet that is an unconventional and unique combination of Mango and Guyabano laced with sugar.

- The Mango flavoured ice cream can be somewhat common for us since it is usually available in most supermarkets, but this one was smoother and not too sweet and is just right for me, on the other hand the Guyabano was a surprise, not just because it's something new to me but also the sweet and sourness of it complements in my mouth, a very refreshing flavour indeed.

Dessert 2: Wasabi Panna Cotta
This Wasabi Panna Cotta is a Japanese take on the traditional Panna Cotta that is infused with Milk, Sugar, Wasabi, Cream, and Gelatin.

- This was a challenge for me because I don't really eat spicy food. When I read that this was with wasabi, I was quite hesitant to try it, but I have to. Surprisingly since the wasabi is in powder form and was sprinkled just on top of the cream I found it amusing, the sweetness of the cream and then towards the end, there it was, that shot of something I don't know that went through my nostrils going up, unexplainable, but it was delicious. I actually enjoyed waiting for the wasabi to kick-in every time I take it in, funny but this was one exciting dessert.

- RED LANTERN | Lo Ka Cheung Sam -
Lo believes that being flexible, creative and listening to your customer is the key to achieving great cooking and happy guests.

Dessert 1: Chilled Osmanthus Flower and Wolf Berries with Aloe Vera

- This one is refreshing and got me to taste a lot of firsts. The cold gelatine makes you crave for more plus the surprising first time taste of Osmanthus Flower, Wolf Berries and Aloe Vera. The sweetness was just enough but most of all I love that it's cold for whatever reason I can't fully explain, this one maybe new but a winner for my taste buds.

Dessert 2: Glutinous Rice Balls with Red Bean Cream

- My favourite! I tasted before a Korean Ice Cream with Red Bean in it and I immediately fell in love with. So I was excited to taste this but this time it's in cream form. The Glutinous Rice Balls I thought were like the regular balls we put into our very own "bilo-bilo", yes it was kind of the same but with a surprise, after your first bite, a rough texture but sweet filling was inside and it blends well with the red bean cream. I can't get enough of this and could actually eat more than 2 pieces for sure.

- STRIP | Chef Eric Turgeon
Chef Eric is the Sous Chef for Strip, Solair's well-known Steakhouse. And a good storyteller too!

Dessert 1: Strawberries and Cream
Made up of fresh strawberries, shortbread crumble and dry meringue with a luxury cream Chantilly all in one bite.

- The presentation for this dessert was with a twist, but I must admit I am not really into strawberries with cream but for those who love this, you will definitely enjoy how it is served, plus I love that it's not too plain as the chef did some additional ingredients to make it more exciting. Not too sweet and not too creamy, just enough for a good combination with fresh strawberries.

Desset 2: Dark Chocolate Mousse
Composed of light and airy chocolate mousse, caramel sand torched banana and roasted macadamia nuts.

- Perfect combination! Everything in it felt like magic in my mouth!

- FINESTRA | Salvatore de Vicentis - 
Chef Salvatore is the Executive Chef of Finetra, the signature Italian restaurant of Solair. This Chef has a good sense of humour.

Dessert 1: Gelato Samplers
Homemade Nutella gelato with biscotti crumbs and candied walnuts
Homemade Strawberry coconut gelato with strawberry coulis and pistachio biscotti
Homemade Mascarpone Gelato

- These gelato’s are super yummy and would be enjoyed especially by those who truly love super sweet desserts, sorry but too sweet for me are Nutella and Strawberry but the Mascarpone was just right.

Dessert 2: Vanilla Panna Cotta with Coffee Cream and Chocolate Biscotti
A vanilla flavoured  Panna Cotta made by simmering together with the twist of coffee cream and chocolate biscotti.

- Not a coffee lover here, but this dessert and the coffee cream itself was a great surprise and the timing was so perfect because I had enough sweetness for the first few restaurants, and indeed coffee makes everything back to neutral.

- FRESH | Chef Josef Teuschler -
Josef is delighted to share his love of pastries through his modern take on classic desserts and delectable signature creations including his decadent Solaire Chocolate Cake - topped with 24 karat gold.

Dessert 1: Solaire Cakes
The signature cake consist of layers of rich flourless chocolate cake filled with caramel chocolate mousse, cocoa gel and croustillant cookie crisp. Finished with bitter chocolate coverture glaze and signature gold flakes.

- This is heaven, everything just melted in my mouth and that feeling of sweet and bitter chocolate inside my mouth made me really repeatedly say how yummy this cake was and another first time to taste the 24-karat gold topping, taste like nothing but felt the class and a little trivia, only Solaire has this in the Philippines.

Dessert 2: Halo-Halo
This popular dessert is prepared with Ube spread, Buko pandan, Macapuno strips, sweet bananas, Nata de coco and Marshmallows. Topped with Pandan flavoured crushed ice, ube ice cream, Leche Flan and Yema. The ingredients balancing the level of sweetness of fresh's Halo-halo dessert presentation and finishing with a pleasing level of Pandan.

- Our last stop, of course our pride the Halo-Halo. For me all halo-halo are the same, just differs on what kind of ingredients one would like to mix, but still this is the best, too bad I was super full to actually finish the sample serving that was given to us, but for sure Solaire guests especially foreigners would definitely love this "mix-mix" of ours.

That was one delightful afternoon, visit Solaire Resort now and get to taste  these wonderful treats!

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