Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wrangler Sun Chaser Challenge: Be Iconic and Win!

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We now approach the final week of chasing the sun with Wrangler, it was indeed a fun experience for me I hope you also had yours, looking through old and new pictures made me see once more how my life has been and I must say I am lucky enough to have traveled in some destinations here in our very own country, Philippines. But before we close this last week, we have one more challenge that might get you to win Wrangler's awesome prizes. And also don't forget I have my own set of GC's to give away too! My super easy contest!

I have one, too many favorites from all the entries last week witht he theme "Keep Going" but I still say love your own, that's why the photo above is my personal favorite and that's my entry. The shot was taken the first time I was mesmerized by the amazing sunset at Boracay. I didn't win but I am not losing hope because 4th week is now up yay! Here's the theme:

The thrill of seeing something for the first time -- it's in our DNA and in the spirit of any adventurer. This week, rise
to the morning sun and venture somewhere you've never been before, make a "first time" memory.
#WranglerSunchaser #Philippines

The winner will get a shopping spree worth 8,000 that is just amazing! Continue posting your entries on Instagram and be sure to use #WranglerSunChaser #Philippines to qualify. And of course the grand awesome prize of a 5-day stay, all expense paid and country of your choice! Who wouldn't want that?

For more information visit the official sites at

Goodluck and keep them coming!

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