Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Julie Anne San Jose | Deeper

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I was invited for an afternoon of Karaoke (Videoke) with the very beautiful and talented Julie Anne San Jose also known as @myjaps on her social media accounts. I already met her before, and seeing her once again made me realize that this young lady didn’t change a bit, she is still very warm and very accommodating, not a hint of showbiz attitude, maybe that’s why she is so blessed. 

Her latest album “Deeper” from GMA Records is another blessing, Julie admits that she usually has a hard time letting go of people that she’s been emotionally attached with, we joked if she could drop a name but she smilingly said that she doesn’t want to. But as I saw her that day, she was really now a very fine lady, and blooming too, when we asked why the very beautiful aura, she said maybe because she is now more mature. Yes dear friends Julie Anne San Jose will sure have more in the coming years, a very fine, talented and beautiful inside and out. Best of luck to your career and of course your album “Deeper”.

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