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MERALCO MoVE App | A Better Guide to Manage Your Bills

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Imagine yourself to never have problems on computing how much added cost could an airconditioner, refrigerator or television add up to your monthly electricity consumption because you can actually compute it automatically. Worry no more because Meralco MoVE app is here and it is for free!

Meralco has launched its MeralcO Virtual Engine (MoVE), an iOS and Android-friendly app that allows consumers to have more power over their monthly electric bill.

Knowing that people are more conscious of their electricity usage nowadays, Meralco developed this app to make managing consumers’ electricity spending better. One of the key features allows users to compute their power consumption based on their appliances’ cost per hour and length of use per day and week.

The MoVE app also gives users electricity-saving tips, Meralco news updates, and more.

This is the full list of features:
1.      Usage - tracks your electrical consumption in real time, by adding your appliances and switch them on and off in the app as you would use them at home.
2.      Calculator - lets you forecast the electrical consumption when buying an appliance or simply know how much an appliance costs to operate.
3.      Directory - easily find the Meralco branch or Bayad Center nearest you.
4.      Information - notifications on power interruptions, scheduled maintenance or Meralco events.
5.      Bright Ideas - helpful tips for your home on how to conserve electricity
6.      E-Bill - delivers your Meralco bill online for convenience

To help promote the launch of the MoVE app, Meralco introduced horoscope videos starring comedienne Giselle Sanchez. She plays Madame Giselle, a fortune teller who identifies the electricity-wasting bad habits of each Zodiac sign and gives advice on how the MoVE app can help them. Watch the videos on Meralco’s YouTube channel.

The MoVE app is available for free, on both the App Store and Google Play. For details, visit

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