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Reunited with my curls | Digital Perm at Introspect Salon and Make-UpStudio

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I'm a typical wash and wear lady, I don't have time to really fix myself that much, a little powder puff, then lipstick, and I am good to go. So thus with my hair, I'm a bit lazy to blowdry or iron and my hair is wavy, so for the past 7 years, either I am permed or rebonded. But because of too much chemicals and my hair really was damaged I had to stop, for two years I didn't do anything to my hair just the usual spa or hot oil treatments.

Lately I was thinking of having a rebond after that 2-year pause, but the husband disapproves, he thinks too straight doesn't really fit my looks since I have a rounded face and chubby too lol! And then I saw a good friend Donna's Instagram post of her digital permed hair, a brief background, Donna was an officemate way back and she's a total fashionista from head to toe, I really learned a lot from her super. So anyway I told her I super love her curls and she said I could try it also at her friends Salon in Fisher Mall in Quezon Ave. Which is the Introspect Hair Salon and Make-up Studio. So you see it's not just for the hair but for make-up services too.
I told my husband about it and upon learning that it's gonna be a digital perm kind of fix, he immediately approves it. Yay!

Now let's go to the salon experience, I was greeted by their very friendly receptionist Emily whom we can call as Ems, who also did my shampoo and handled my hair with care, I love their shampoo tub since you won't need to fully lay down and stretch your neck, it's like a usual reclined seat less the effort of making sure that the back of your neck reaches the tub and oh the water was of normal temperature not too hot nor cold. And then i met Jerwin, he is one of the stylist here and said that he was also the one who fid Donna's hair, by that statement alone I knew I was in good hands. So after shampoo, Jerwin did a little trimming to remove the split ends, dry hair and do a little styling so that the curls will be more gorgeous.

Next was the medicine application to set my hair for the digital perm machine, its been a while since the last time I had the smell of hair medicine, a bit weird but its all good "tiis ganda" was my mantra lol!

Jerwin handled my hair ever so gently, I had experienced other stylist who have heavy hands in handling clients' hair, this one I like, no pressure just plain pampering.
After rinsing the medicine off my hair, we now proceed to the placing of what seems like as hair rollers to achieve the perefct curl, and so we roll.

After the rollers were placed, it was a bit heavy but bearable, then we move on to the digital perm machine, its like a spaceship over my head, if it' your first time, you'll be a bit worried but this one is safe, I think what it does is to actually like cook the hair so as to form the curls. By the way, this procedure would last for about 3 to 4 hours, they serve water or iced tea but if in case you feel the need to grab a bite, Ems the receptionist is ready and willing to do some food errands.
So when the red lights are on, be prepared for hotness, the cooking process is a bit hot but no need to worry if you feel that its too hot to handle, just let the staff know and they'll fix something or add a padding for an immediate relief, 25 min of hotness that is!

May I add, I like how the staff communicates with their clients, they are nice yet professional, they know their limits in terms of getting to know the client, not too many and personal questions, also they are not noisy and giggling and talking about other people, other clients or whatever they want, they focus on what they do.

So after the machine, we have to wait for the hair rollers to cool down before removing them, but the removing process is not easy, they attached a neck pillow shaped plastic container on my neck because while the rollers are being removed a certain rinsing medicine is being poured hence another tiis ganda process.

Then the final rinse, I was super excited to get the look that I missed. Voila! Hello digitally permed hair. I super love it and the husband too! So, for those of you who would like to try a  different look and get your hair permed too, visit Introspect Salon at the 3rd Level of Fisher Mall, rate starts at Php 3,500 depending on hair assessment but it will surely be worth it.

Check them out for other services too, maybe after 6 months or so I could get the husband to say yes for a rebond and I would love my hair to still be treated at Introspect Salon *wink*

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