Friday, March 27, 2015

A Summer Party with GMA's Hot Men

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Summer na and it is extremely getting hot in here! So GMA Artist Center came up with an event with Artist Center's hunks. The event was in a private resort in Antipolo, a cool olace made hot with the attendance of them boys, Juancho Trivino, Vince Velasco and Enzo Pineda.

Juancho is currently doing InstaDad which will start on April 5th, Sunday afternoon at 4:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon. He is currently happy with his loveteam Ashley Ortega and wanted to create a
solid tandem for the both of them, aside from showbusiness he is also on his 4th yr from his Business course in Dela Salle and plans to take on a business after graduation. Watch out for Juancho soon.

Vince needs to prepare for something about his next project which he still can't reveal, but said he would love to do a leading man role (nagpapakilig, nagpapaiyak and some random pick up lines) could this be the one he is preparing for? Nope, he did not spill the beans (we were not successful to make him talk) and said he will let us know once the camera rolls for the show.

And Enzo, what's up with him? In a few months or so, he will be out with a new endorsement which again he can't reveal pa, another secret project for now but shares he is very excited but can't actually talk about it yet. But anyway this guy is serious about being healthy, yes he talked about good food while we were eating our lunch and made us think twice in getting more food from the delicious buffet table especially prepared by Artist Center.

These hot young men are out to definitely conquer our summer, different angles, looks and priorities but what do they have in common? When we asked what their dream role would be like, they all wanted to do Action Films, so are we expecting hot men in action soon? Tagging GMA haha and oh ok tagging the Curtis sisters too as their leading ladies.

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