Friday, March 27, 2015

Yagit | The Set Visit

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Yagit, GMA's afternoon serye is continously doing good on their timeslot. It is indeed a tough job having 5 kids in one show, of course they are still kids and being playful is a part of their youth. We had the chance to talk to the adult casts like Yasmien Kurdi, Kevin Santos, James Blanco and Paolo Contis, asked them how it was to be working with the kid stars? They all had an almost the same answer, that they are enjoying the company of the chikitings and having them keeps them sane and brings out the childlike in them.

We also got the chance to speak with the kids, and at their young age, they now know what they are getting into, how to respect their crafts and the importance of their job. They still would love to finish school, which I personally think is a must, some of them is on homeschooling program and some still attends regular school, they have different reasons on why they chose certain kind of schooling technique but what's important is aside from giving value to their job they also know the importance of having good education.

Note: I have yet to retrieve my set visit photos (gadget problems) but will update soon...

Up Now: Photos on

Keep it up Yagit kids and the whole cast!

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