Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Appreciate | Thank You!

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Today, while going through my grocery list, I realized I haven't bought some products for the past few months now. And then I smiled, you know why? This is because of Brands and PR Companies who represent them were able to send huge amount of products a few months ago, to think I even shared some to our relativea during the holiday season. But anyway, I felt like posting a very big Thank You to them, no need to name them,individually but as a whole.

Events I attended that made sure that everyone of us in the Media industry would be able to take home something for our use as their sign of appreciation for our time and effort in covering their events. PR friends who asked for favors of PR posting and sends gifts as their token (win win situation for me) and of course those who just remembers us during our birthdays and other special occassions.

For a housewife like me, those tokens were a big help in coping up doing the crazy budgeting skills that I need to conquer everyday, it may not be as good as cash but it crosses out a lot on the "to buy list".

So to everyone from the PR world and the Brands they represent, thank you so much and cheers for making our lives better and an exciting one!

P.S. For every token I take home or every package sent to our house, I contain my excitement of not opening it first and wait till the husband gets home from work, we indeed share the excitement of revealing what is inside (crazy couple lol!)

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