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Go Loca Over Locavore | MisterMisis Food Love

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Kapitolyo Pasig is now known as a place for people who would love to have some food trips with different variations, We live within the area and has been seeing the developments and changes for the past years and I must admit, it gets exciting whenever I get to see something new every time I get the chance to explore the neighborhood.

Locavore is one of our newest discoveries, located at Brixton street, near Pioneer Center, one would think and question why it is not located at the main food street that Kapitolyo was first known for, but they actually have a good location, a very wide area for parking space, not too much noise from cars and other vehicles since the road is kinda private plus having to party without disturbing other residents and establishments. The place is also spacious enough to accommodate those who want to have a peaceful dinner and chat on the side, and also a place for those who would like a few drinks and smoking area to go together with their meals and natural air outside.

Let us now move on with the food, the main course of this post lol! A little trivia, most of their raw products are organic especially the vegetables, but the original taste is definitely still there plus some were de-constructed for a different take, hence it is still that Filipino food we actually have grown to love.


- As simple at it is, our favorite vendor type of food is available and served in a cute way, dip yours from either bagoong, suka or chili salt.

- It is what it is, streetfood galore of Kikiams and Fishballs and Squidballs and Tok-nenengs! You'll love the presentation and putting this together making it look sosyal na tusok tusok food is a plus.


- We haven't tried Oysters so this is our first, and guess this one is good being it is in Sisig form with yummy spices, a great combination for some beer.


- Crrrrrunchy! Yes you may worry that this might be too sinful with all those fat and grease, but this one is not, just the equal amounts of meat, fat and skin, no need to worry about it.


- The only Torta we are familiar with is the Talong (eggplant), so this was once again new for us, but this instantly bonded with our taste, just like eating a regular Torta but with some surprise Talaba inside.


- This is super tasty, the gata is blended well and malinamnam, it was heaven for us, this was one of our favorites and we really loved the taste of Gata, there's something about it that makes us want some more.


- Who doesn't love Sinigang, it is a staple ulam in every household, may it be pork, fish or beef. Locavore made it different by putting it on a sizzling pot with all of its goodness with it. This is good but we personally still love the soup that goes with the original Sinigang. But that is just us, go ahead and try it because this is their best seller and it taste good as well naman.


- A new way to enjoy your Dinuguan with the crunchiness of the Lechon, surprisingly this pair is unique and gives excitement in every bite.


- The Mister loved this one, he is a fan of boneless chicken kind of dish, this is tasty as well and is best with some beer too.


- On the wings of love, is what you'll feel when you get to try this dish, all the love from your original Kare-Kare is rolled up on these wings and every bite can make you want to finish the whole serving, excitement in ever bite. Obviously this is another favorite on our list.


- Sugpo pa lang you'll know that this will be great, drenched in butter with lots of garlic is our heaven, and oh you wouldn't mind the price since the serving is good for around 3 people, hindi ka lugi as they say, and yes to another favorite of ours.


- Among the desserts that were served is was our favorite, not too sweet, loving the tanginess of the mangga plus the size is good enough to share, other desserts are good too but too sweet for us, maybe best for those who extremely love sweets.

So there you go, Mister and Misis Food Love at Locavore in Kapitolyo Pasig, visit them and you won't regret it.


For us, here's our top 3 favorites:
1. Sugpo Con Mayonesa
2. Kare-Kare Wings
3.Ginataang Kalabasa

But don't take our word for it, they still have a lot of dishes that you can try and enjoy, rate it yourself too! Servings are actually good for sharing with family and friends so you get to order a lot and taste them all! Enjoy your visit.

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