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Ramen Daisho | Turning Japanes This Time

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Moshi Moshi! I think it means hello, and growing up, that is the only Japanese word that I am familiar with. In all honesty I am not really into Japanese food, when Ramen hit the Metro I was one who of maybe a few didn't bother to try, I am okay with cup noodles and instant one's that can be cooked in just less than 5 minutes, and also I was afraid to spend my money for Ramen and would eventually go home feeling upset. So when I was invited to have a taste of an authentic Ramen from Ramen Daisho, I immediately said yes. Finally I can get to try a Ramen that is cooked from scratch (not instant haha) and having it for free like free trial kind is of course a bonus.

Ramen Daisho is actually one jeepney or fx taxi from our home, they are located at Shaw Blvd., near Pure Gold Shaw. Upon entering, you will be greeted by the staff and it is not a Moshi moshi kind of greeting, I am not sure if they are required to learn the Japanese language before they were hired but oh well their greeting sounded authentic. We were ushered to our seats and then we were asked to choose from I think five kinds of Ramen, and for every kind I'd ask if it was spicy (coz I thought all Ramens were spicy and I am not a fan period) . Ramen Daisho actually has set meals which includes a bowl of Ramen that could be for sharing, 3pcs of Gyoza, a salad and unlimited tea (which I loved, I had like about 5 glasses) and a cup of fried Japanes rice (my diet was totally wrecked).

My co-bloggers ordered the other flavors so as we could try to taste all of them, okay let me explain why it is as if I am not giving exact details here, my mobile phone gave up on me recently and all my photos, notes and drafts were there hence the lack of information, I am just merely relying on my knowledge during that lovely Japanese dinner, I hope to retrieve those files soon but for now I could at least post photos coming from the photographer (credits).

The Ramen was served in a large bowl and truly can be shared between 2 to 3 persons (depending on one's appetite). The soup was so tasty, the noodles were firm, the egg was half cooked but perfect for me, the meat goes well with the soup, but actually everything blended in one bowl of pure goodness and a really comfort food. This I think is best after a long day's work, after school or just catching up with family and friends. We were inside a function room enough for a group to actually eat and have chitchats on the side, not too big but it was cozy and you could have it reserved for your group without having to avail of some expensive packages or deals, all you need is to call. But Ramen Daisho's Ramen were not all soup based, they have this one dish that is dry, kinda like Yakisoba, and yes that was my favorite of all and yes it was not my order haha, but my friend was very generous enough to let me taste it a couple more times if you know what I mean.

So there you go my first Ramen experience at Ramen Daisho, I was super full that night, actually we also had some Q&A time with the owners who were pure Japanese, good thing they had an interpreter whew, but they were so kind and it was cute that they tried to speak English and some Filipino terms, again, my apologies my Q&A notes were not yet retrieved, but once I get hold of them this story will be updated, for now this is what I can share with you, please visit Ramen Daisho for authentic Ramen love.

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