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Love Is Blind Movie | Live Love Laugh!

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So instead of buying those expensive flowers, why not get a ticket for a movie date this Valentines day? Yes flowers and chocolates would be all mushy and sweet but combinibg them qould be a treat, for a fun, memorable and feel good hearts day; watch Love Is Blind.

Love is Blind stars these 4 major characters; Derek Ramsey, Solenn Heussaff, Kean Cipriano and Kiray Celis. The movie evolves on old myth of creating potions just so the love of your life would probably and finally love you back. But of course if Kiray is in a movie, expect to be blown away by her comedic acts, yes she nailed this one and this movie was like really made for her.

What to expect:
1.       The still very hot Derek Ramsay can still make you go oooh!
2.       Surprisingly, Solenn and Derek has chemistry, yes super nakaka kilig sila.
3.       Kean can actually make you fall for him with his pa-cute scenes.
4.       Kiray… this is her time to shine bright like a diamond in the sky.

I didn’t expect the movie could make my panga go ngawit na ngawit from start to finish. What’s great about this is super good vibes lang sya, no overly dramatic scenes and the chemistry is overflowing from everyone sa cast. I love how Direk Paul Laxamana balanced everything, not the usual movie plot na, masaya sa start and then come middle too dramatic or tragic and then finish it up with very light get together- happily ever after scenes that when you come out of the cinema, you’ll feel affected sobra na imbes na naka relax ka eh mabigat sa pakiramdam. But of course we have different preferences and reasons when we go watch a movie, so when you just want something light, funny and would make you feel that falling in love is such a beautiful feeling, I would recommend watching Love Is Blind. Yup, sorry no additional kwentos for now, but do drop by here if you get to watch it and tell me what you think.

Chika Cheers!

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