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Pare, Mahal Mo Raw Ako The Movie

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I was invited to the special advance screening of Pare, Mahal  Mo Raw Ako held at the Cine Adarna of UP. The movie was spearheaded by Michael Pangilinan together with Edgar Allan Guzman. Of course you know the song, and you might be wondering how they came up with the movie plot and maybe imagining the scenes from the movie. Before we go on further, let me enlighten you already. The movie was tastefully done in a manner that this is not another "baklaan" movie or "make fun of the becky" kind. I was also surprised and at the same time saw another angle of how our LGBT friends are going through in their lives especially if they have situations same as in the movie. I have LGBT friends and sometimes we only see them as masarap kasama, masayang ka kwentuhan and mga pang kulit sa mga gala.

Imagine them go through life everyday knowing that not everyone accepts them, or that everyday they pretend not be who they are because they are afraid, or feel bad about coming out because people might not accept them or worst pandirihan sila. This movie was my eye opener, because for the longest time I thought keri na, masayahin naman sila, or keri na mga jokes nila, ok na yun kasi friends ko sila, but they need deeper understanding of their situation. More than the movie itself, this is a lesson for everyone. Okay enough na muna of my senti mode and let us move on to the main cast of the film.

For someone who is new in the field of acting like Michael Pangilinan with no acting workshop means he has it in him, he played well on his role as the gay bestfriend of EA who is apparently in love with him.

They actually have a good chemistry, of course we all know EA who already established his acting skills in different movies and I think he is the best guy to perform this role. But Michael Pangilinan could possibly be a hunk dramatic actor too, he did great without the acting workshop, what more if he'd have a chance to do one. And of course the Superstar Ms. Nora Aunor, is still great, her eyes is the best actress in this film.

I think this movie is for everyone, for a greater understanding of the current situation of our LGBT friends. And oh, you might think this movie is overly dramatic kasi ang drama ng pagsulat ko, let's just say nandun si Joross Gamboa at si Matt Evans so alam na! Go watch the movie once it is out in cinemas! Napapanahon!

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