Sunday, July 10, 2016

How I Engaged My Son To Drink Water

Posted by Misis Nikole  |  at   9:20 AM

Who among you moms out there is having a hard time convincing your babies to drink water? My baby boy is 11 months old and since he is already eating soft solids, water should be practiced too. I tried putting water on to his milk feeding bottle to play pretend that it is milk but of course he knows, tried using the magic spoon and ended up spilling water because he knows it is water, and I also did try to use a new medicine dropper just because he loves to drink his vitamins, he might think water is vitamins too, but no, he dosn't like it as well.

So how did we get him to drink his water? My husband one time was drinking his waster when our little boy tried to get hold of his glass, my husband thought of trying to give him water just for the fun of it, an 11 month old baby drinking from an adult glass. Surprisingly baby was enjoying his glass of water and was drinking fast, my goodness of we have known earlier that he wanted to do what we were doing, I spared myself from stressing over how to make him drink water, super funny! So now that he is 1 year old, we have this tiny bowl where he drinks his water, assisted of course since it is shallow and we can easily see and control how the water comes into his mouth because sometimes he gates all too excited and kinda choke himself of water.

I am not sure is this helps but it is part of our experience and so we just wanted to share it with everyone who might drop by and read. Thank you and till our next discovery.


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