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Piel Acne and Skin Center

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I seldom do facials, so seldom I can't even remember the last time I did. Why? Facial spells pain for me, I was traumatized many years ago when my mom encouraged me to do so, ugh let's not go into details about the past, let's move on because I think I found a better place for our facial needs.

Say hello to Piel Acne and Skin Center who invited me to try their services, I was a bit hessitant at first because I thought facial services were all the same but because I was informed that there will be a skin analysis before they'd do anything to my face, I felt comfortable so I said yes, let's try and see. But first, who is Piel? Nope not a person nor the owner, Piel means face in French, yup they specialize in Acne, those stubborn little friends on our face. Piel's main branch is actually in New York, USA and is owned and managed by Ms. Sylvia Cancio who is a licensed Aesthetician and an Acne specialist.

Upon entering the clinic, I felt relaxed because the staff were all ready to explain and answer our questions, I was secured that they all knew what they were talking about and I admire their passion in seriously taking care and knowing what to do with our faces.

And so I was assigned to try their European Facial with Exfoliation and was promised of no pain at all. When I entered the area where my facial will be done, I was surprised by how wide the spaces were from one bed to the next one, very "maaliwalas" and very clean, the rest room was near and accessible and the ambiance makes me want to fall asleep. Moving on to the actual procedure (before I doze off just by remembering how it was lol!)

European Facial Procedure:

1. Cleanse
- This is the part wherein they clean our face from make-up, excess oil and dirt.

2. Tone
- In toning, they put the toner to relax our skin and prepare it for skin analysis.

3. Skin Analysis
- This is the part I like most because for the longest time I didn't know the condition of my skin that everytime I was asked if I was oily or dry or normal I gave a blank stare hence having wrong products to put on mine. This time I am now confident to say that my skin is a combination of dry and oily, I am now aware thanks to Piel.

4. Exfoliation
- This is done to remove dead skin cells which can't be removed by daily ordinary facial wash. This is tickling because they used a razor looking like machine, (I forgot the name because I was too relaxed lol!) I will let you know once I recall the name of the machine, but this procedure was not painful at all, and felt all the dirt from my skin was carved away.

5. The Mask
- The triple collagen mask was coated on my face, it has a cool feeling since it has mint to help reduce too much oil on my face. An eye patch was also placed on my eyes to protect it when the steam was released for more relaxation and I was able to nap for 20 minutes. The mask was removed after using a cloth rinsed in hot water and it was so relaxing I even asked for another round of hot cloth on my face lol!

The experience was superb, it was really a pampering experience that I need not worry of the pain, and one thing more thing I liked about the people from Piel aside from being knowledgeable in what they do is that they ask questions about your health, in my case I am diabetic so there are procedures that can not be done on me and they will adjust. What a refreshing experience, this could be a regular thing for me and might bring along my mom to try it too the next time.

So if you want to feel pampered nd secured that your face will be taken cared especially your Acne problems or just a regular facial cleaning visit Piel Acne and Skin Center located at the 2nd flr of Makati Place Alphaland, near RCBC plaza and Makati Fire Station, very accessible for commuters like me, just one bus ride from Edsa. Let me know tour thoughts when you visit.


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