Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Do I Give for Snack Time?

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Because my one year old is now super active in terms of walking and sometimes trying to run (feeling nya kaya na nya lol!) aside from his milk and water I see to eat that he has snacks in between his regular meals but what can we actually give for snacks? May I share with you what I opted to have for his snack time, this is Organics Happy Baby Super Food Puffs what we have is the Strawberry and Beet flavor and no I am not into pure Organic eating for my little one. Well for starters we were buying his baby food at 6 months old from Healthy Options and he loved it until he outgrew them and would just want to join us on our regular meals (which made me an inventor to create meals which has vegetables etc, maybe to feature on my next post) so anyways, I did bought this just because I don't want him to be exposed this early to regular junk food or chichirya that is too salty and not healthy at all.

The price may come off a bit hard on the budget it is about Php250 but we give him this in moderation, when he is bored or hungry and not in the mood, his snack perks him up and excites him again. Healthy Options carries a lot of baby and toddler food that may seem expensive at first but the quality and quantity will go a long way, believe me I am a mom who keeps track of the budget. Try other flavors too, next time we'll get the yellow, ornge or purple packaging (not sure of the flavors lol!) but will surely write about them or update this post when we have it. As my husband would usually say when I am in doubt because it is kinda pricey "all the best for our baby".

Kiss kiss from Nanay,

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