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Bea Alonzo's DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

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One knows that the Christmas season is upon us when the radio starts playing Yuletide songs, malls are installed with holiday decorations, and people start making Christmas gift lists.

Christmas is all about making memories. With FUJIFILM’s instax cameras, it is now possible to preserve them and have physical copies of moments spent with friends and family.

Fujifilm brand ambassador Bea Alonzo knows the importance of spreading holiday cheer and sharing her blessings. On screen, she makes it a point to always deliver a good performance. Away from the spotlight, she is a great believer that you best learn about the world when you travel. Bea comes from a small family, with only one sibling but like most Filipino families, she has uncles and aunts and nephews and nieces. She has explored the many beautiful spots in the country with them.

But when Bea wants time for herself, she goes on travel adventures on her own, solo flight. In all these little expeditions, she never forgets to bring her FUJIFILM mirrorless cameras with her, particularly the X-A2 and X-A3. The X-A2 and X-A3 are both lightweight and thus easy to carry around. “A camera phone is not enough,” says Bea. “Tayong mga tao nakakalimot. Maganda na may isang bagay na nagre-remind sa atin ng mga magagandang alaala.”

The X-A2 allows users to capture important moments with superb image quality that FUJIFILM’s X-Series is known for while the X-A3 comes with a retro design that is fashionable and a hit with the younger set.

Recently, Bea has grown to love the instax cameras. “I am learning to appreciate scrapbooking,” Bea shares. “Or I can hang the prints on the walls of my room or I can deposit them in a box.”

With the launch of FUJIFILM’s Photo Diary, Bea can look forward to having her photos gathered together into an album, properly selected and labeled, and accomplished in minutes. Developed through FUJIFILM’s Image Organizing Technology, it makes possible owning your own coffee table book instead of the traditional photo album. It is not bulky and can be tagged along everywhere, a constant reminder of moments well spent.

With Christmas fast approaching, you can take Bea’s word for it. It is best to give our loved ones gifts that we ourselves thought of and spent time working on.

Try the following DIY Christmas gift ideas that Bea highly recommends:

Make a calendar. Use your instax to take snaps of whatever catches your fancy or moments that are fleeting. You can also print them using the instax Share SP-2 printer. The Share SP-2 lets you edit your photos first before you print them. The next thing to do is to attach the instax prints to a store-bought calendar. Also try to write on the margins of every page memorable lines from popular Bea Alonzo films like “One More Chance” and “A Second Chance.”

Mark it with a bookmark. Books don’t grow old. They function not only as a physical copy of stories with characters, lines, and moments that we carry with us as we go through our lives. If the person you’re thinking of giving a present to is a big Paulo Coelho fan like Bea, why not take a photo of a river (one of the Portuguese writer’s books is entitled “By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept”) with your instax and embellish it with the print?

Create a wine tasting journal with instax photos. Wines are never missing at Christmas parties. Start by choosing well-loved wines. Take photos of bottles, labels, etc. with your instax. Attach the photos to pages in a notebook, and write down flavors, aromas, vintage and regions.

Delight with a hanging mobile with instax photos. Liven up the room of a gift recipient with a hanging mobile decorated with instax photos. Add text and embellishments on the photos as you wish, and then clip or tape the photos to strings. Tie the strings to the sticks and hang the completed mobile from the ceiling.

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