Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dots & Pixels Makes Your Prints Come To Life

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Dots And Pixels finally opens its doors at the 5/F of SM Megamall Fashion Hall and it is my first time to attend an opening of a printing shop, and so I thought. Well dear readers they are not the usual printing shop that we go to, they specialize in Tarpaulins and other printing needs like posters, photos, business cards, event shirts, name it they can do it. But what interests me more was they can actually do stickers, not the ordinary ones, stickers that can be seen both ways or through the glass and the one thing I am truly excited about is the kind of high end stickers they can actually create for walls. You see in one of my previous post, I shared our new project that will be up in 5 years, and as early as now I've been looking into furniture, paints and what nots for our future home and I am just so glad that Dots And Pixels can help me in the future like "in 5 years" lol!

Meet Jengjeng, COO (child of owner haha!) she is the one who is really into this art type of business, we talked about their different services like if you plan to create a business and you are unsure on how it would look like, or wanted a theme for a room but because you have limited space you have uncertainties, Dots and Pixels could actually help you with anything, all you have to do is drop by at their shop and they'll help us take care of our worries.

So now my dear friends, you know where to go... Dots & Pixels 😃

Check out my IG: @chubbychitchat to see the sample print of our family photo courtesy of Dots & Pixels of course 😬

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