Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Vitacubes Family Fun Day!

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Vitacubes vitamin-candy had a grand family day event held at the Active Fun, BGC and of course our family is present. The event was attended by mostly Mommy Bloggers like me who is also curious and excited at the same time. It was my first encounter with Vitacubes and I was immediately convinced that this could be a good alternative or substitute for candies or junk food.

Vitacubes is packed with vitamins and minerals, it has different fruity flavors that kids will surely enjoy and it is very soft and chewable I would not be afraid that my toddler might accidentally choke on it. So anyway, we had an afternoon packed with activities for kids such as games, magic show and a one hour pass to play at Active Fun, indeed it is a bonding day for families, thanks to Vita Cubes. By the way Vita Cubes pack comes in a pack where it is individually wrapped per piece and the usual snack type packaging, get these awesome snacks for your kids in leading groceries and supermarkets nationwide.

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