Thursday, November 16, 2017

Jelai Espino Is Coming...

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Let me introduce to you Jelai Espino a 15 year old who wants to be an artist. She lives to sing, dance and act. Jelai was introduced to us via a bloggers conference held a few days ago, we were given a cd with her as the front cover with a song entitled "Huwag Mong Biruin" composed by no other than Mr. Vehnee Saturno.

Throughout the blogcon, I learned that she is a Taylor Swift fan and also loves K-pop but when asked any local or OPM influence, she has none. It was kinda surprising to hear but at least she was honest. In terms of acting, Jelai would like to venture into drama, she really wants to cry in front of the camera and mentioned Daniel Padilla and James Reid whom she wants to work with in the future. Her ultimate dream si to work with the Star for All Seasons, Ms Vilma Santos, it doesn't matter what role will be given to her, she just wants to actually meet Gov Vi.

My first impressions of Jelai, she is shy and lacks confidence (she admits to this). Because she has a single, we asked for a sample but she declined saying that her throat wasn't feeling well. We also asked for a dance sample and again was declined. I believe part of the reasons was her shyness. I hope she improves on this because as a performer, she will be often asked to do a song or dance number on impromtu. Jelai could also improve her knowledge in the local showbiz world, she will be meeting a lot artists and to not be able to identify them is a no-no. And lastly. I hope she dress up her age or improve on her look, after all she is young and pretty so dressing up appropriately will improve her self confidence (it seems she wasn't comfortable with what she was wearing or is it just me? Lol!).

I believe Jelai can be someone someday, in an industry such as showbiz, entering may be tough but staying in is a whole new story. Goodluck Jelai and I hope to see you soon on the big screen or in an album launch.

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