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This Time I'll Be Sweeter: Premiere Night

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Ken Chan and Barbie Forteza were super excited during the Premiere Night of their movie “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter” I was personally there to witness it and I will be attaching the video clip on down below:

I will now go ahead and do my first impressions on the movie:
 Both Ken and Barbie were loveable on cam. Ken looks the matinee, kayumanggi pinoy boy next door while Barbie is so flawless and had cute outfits.

 Acting wise, they were very natural and kinda made me feel they were just my friends.

         Casting was good but there were scenes that I personally think was not necessary.
           I love Jai and I know she is naturally funny together with her twin. But in the movie there were lines that I know should’ve made us laugh or giggle but I didn’t.

      Finally the ending, (spoiler alert) it was okay but for me when Barbie said the line “Gusto kong umoo… ayaw ko magpdala sa emotion… parang wala akong natutunan.” I was expecting that it was a “NO” and then fast forward to 2 years after and then the “YES”. Why? To show that true love waits and that they both carried a lesson from their mistakes.

Nevertheless the two achieved the “Kilig Factor” and really registered beautifully on screen. Congratulations to the whole cast and crew, to Regal Films for another good movie! Cheers!

This Time I'll Be Sweeter Now Showing!

For complete photos of the cast, click Chubbychitchat Blogs
FYI: I felt that the “bubong” scenes were the best. (It was shot in our neighborhood lol!)

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