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Things I Like | Get to know more about the app

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Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities would want for their birthday? How about what's on their wishlist this coming Christmas? And it's not just for celebs, you and your family and friends can also post everything every heart desires through the "Things I Like App. Yes, now there is an app where one can exclusively post what they want as gifts or a goal. It can be like a dreamboard of what you want to achieve in terms of material things.

Right at the moment there are already local celebrities using the "Things I Like App" I have a few screenshots below:

Have you spotted your favorites? Go check them out by downloading the app available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store. So maybe you might be wondering what's special about this App? How does it work? Ok I will try to explain it the best way I can so here goes.
Example a friend or family will be celebrating a special occassion, thinking of a perfect gift to give can be crazy. Of course you want to be sure that you'll be giving something that they really like, useful for them and not another duplicate gift. No need to fret because if most of us will be using the app, you can now go ahead and check their profile and know exactly what they like.

You can now browse through the items in their page, you can check out direct links of the products so you would know where it can be bought. Let's say you won't see each other anytime soon and you just want to send a gift. There is a tab in the app wherein you can request for the shipping address of the person. Am I making sense here? Lol! I hope so but if you really like to know more, go ahead and download the "Things I Like" App to be able to give you a hands on experience on how it works.

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