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BaTaNgAs OuTiNg - OuTiNgAn FeB 23-24-2008

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BaTaNgAs OuTiNg - OuTiNgAn FeB 23-24-2008.

.This was super planned hahaha a month before this event I was already collecting Php20/person/day so we will be financially uhm stable? Anyway and so off we go

- on Bong's Patrol we have Dan who came over to the Philippines just to join us, Marix, and Ipe together with them on the back compartment sits almost half a cavan of rice, a small cooler filled with liempo, and all the pinamalangke stuffs we need and not to forget the 4 large gallons of water

- on the rented van we have kuya (the driver/owner) and 14 i repeat 14 of us

* hmmm for a clearer visualization here's a rundown *
- backseat charlton-jeff-barbie-arnold
- next charlie-b-gaye-reich
- next david-ferdz-jay-me
- front kuya-donna-gabs

* truly a tiring but super enjoyable day we pig out on our late "lunner" (lunch-dinner parang brunch lang) and then went drinking, fooling around swimming and videoke until dawn*  sana maulit muli...

*transferred via multiply*

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