Thursday, July 17, 2008

BuLaCaN QuiCk VaCaTiOn & cHaRiNa'S wEdDiNg

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BuLaCaN QuiCk VaCaTiOn & cHaRiNa'S wEdDiNg

Marvin and Charina's wedding off we go to Bulacan for Lj's fitting (brides maid) and my a little getting to know the family effect since I was told to Host the event...

- a quick vacation we arrived and ate our lunch
- little chatting and then we went to the reception for final talk with the caterer
- went back home and had merienda
- waited for Marvin to arrive from work
- since we're working on the night shift we felt sleepy by afternoon
- a foam was laid on the sala floor and after my back met the foam I was already snoozing
- woke up by 6pm and Marvin was home and was cooking "inihaw na liempo" - yummy
- ate dinner and said goodbye and good night
- sarap ng buhay hahaha

- Then the wedding day - =) =) =)

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