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mArKeTiNg BoRaCaY eScApE - July 4-7-08

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mArKeTiNg BoRaCaY eScApE - July 4-7-08

It was never planned... Iba, Zambales was the first on the list but dates don't match our availability, then came the opportunity to set it on the 4th of July since it's the night shifts holiday but I said I can't because I wanted to go home in Baguio and so everyone agreed to go to Baguio instead... then Rj caught my attention pertaining to Cebu Pacific's zero fair promo he tried to book and was seeing a 1K per person air fare... I said we will talk about it during the night time so everyone will be present but in a span of 10 min the promo was gone and is showing approximately 2K air fare and then we decided it's about time to book... the rest is history.

- We thank the Lord for the good weather and safe trip
- thanks to reich's dad and arlene's cc
- thanks to chris for all the amazing shots
- my camera was just sitting in the room for some time bec everyone has their own hahaha
- all in all it's one heck of a very good trip
- to all our bitter (spell bitter - c.h.a.r.l.t.o.n and d.a.v.i.d. hahaha) team mates and friends who were predicting a bad weather on those days sorry to say we are proud to be sun burned and tanned nyahahahaha!

at the airport - check-in baggage

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