Thursday, July 17, 2008

DiScOvEriNg MuLtiPly

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DiScOvEriNg MuLtiPly

I was many times I created a multiply account but was never successful in maintaining it since I've been too focused on my friendster account... Now I'm glad I find the time to actually make sense of my site. Pretty much better here, as a person who loves taking pictures of myself and friends in whatever occasion or sometimes no occasion at all I find it convenient uploading pictures on multiply compared to friendster well I super loved friendster still because most of my friends have it and our communication never fails because of friendster connection but gosh uploading pictures there is a hassle, undergoing re-sizes and limited slots only. And even though all my Friends are there I still love to upload and share my pictures so still Multiply wins on this part... I'm just hoping my friends whom I invited to join Multiply would actually create an account. And oh yes I know for other people Multiply is sooo long ago already well I'm a late bloomer and I'm proud of it and enjoying every single minute of logging in . ... of course how should I forget - the bragging rights that I also have one -

*transferred from my multiply account*

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