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Coca-Cola Christmas Tree Lighting | Coke 100 Pasko

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Coca-Cola has been one of the brands I am loyal to but nottoo loyal and fanatic as my husband. He collects coke bottles, glasses and evencoke-in-cans, he recognizes when a can had a new design even if there arechanges on the shade of red that were used, imagine that? And anything new forsure it goes in the grocery cart even if it’s not on our list of “things to buy”.  Oh well through the years we've been together I got the hang of it and sometimes, made me also check it out, and asthe saying goes “if you can’t beat ‘em, join them!”

So imagine him getting jealous that I was invited by ablogger friend, Flow. It’s the Coca-Cola Giant Christmas Tree Lighting Event and“Coke 100 Pasko”, held at the parking lot of the Smart Araneta Coliseum.  I used to watch this Giant Christmas TreeLighting on television and thought that this Christmas tree was just ordinary,so why was it called giant? That day answered my question; it was indeed aGiant Christmas Tree.

The afternoon was filled with activities, we went in the Coca-Colabus, super fun, had meryenda-dinner the Filipino way; pansit, puto, fruits,bibingka and lechon hmm did I miss anything? Of course the food wouldn't beperfect without Coca-Cola! Cheers! Have you watched one of the YouTube video ofCoke? This is the one with the happiness truck, and you have to push the bigPUSH button then it gives out free drinks and surprising items and food? Yes! Iget to try that too, the line was long but it was so worth it, when it was myturn to push the big PUSH button ha-ha, I pushed it real hard, “feel na feel”and tada! I had a big box full of Coca-Cola cupcakes, plus a 2.5L of Coca-Coladrink. And yes I had a difficult time carrying it around to get our othertreats like cotton candy and ice cream but it was still fun and we managed togather some chairs so we can enjoy our snacks while waiting for the main event.

A number of artists from different networks and beauty pageants title holders were also thereto join in the Lighting of the Giant Christmas Tree. There were alsoperformances for the fans, guests and media people. When the  announcement was made, I hurriedly went inthe crowd and positioned myself to take a few photos, sadly I wasn't able tobring my camera so I had to depend on my iPod Touch, but never the less I wasable to make a few good shots. The lights were turned on and yehey! MerryChristmas everyone, I was feeling that moment, the red and white confettisticking to my face and my hair but I didn't care, for a few seconds I closedmy eyes and just shut out everything that’s happening, and when I came back wowit felt good.

The evening was so spectacular, yes I was tired but because I was with good company of good friends MJ, JL, Flow, Richard, Mommy Myrns, and Ning it was all worth it, Coca-Cola you are the Best! Congratulations Coke 100 Pasko!

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