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Marvin Agustin | Knorr Celebrity Chef Endorser

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Knorr welcomes their new celebrity endorser Chef Marvin Agustin. I was excited for this event since I haven't seen Marvin for so long, remembering those days of their Marvin-Jolina tandem, I enjoyed their movies and theme songs and also some dialogues especially the one where they were best friends and Jolina was in love with him. I thought their love team would go through the highest level meaning like marriage since they act naturally and really had chemistry, oh well it didn't happen.

As Knorr announces their newest celebrity endorser I am happy for Marvin, he has been in and out of projects from the showbiz industry, I actually thought he's just no where but I was wrong. Marvin with business partners and friends already has like 8 restaurants and counting, wow! maybe that's why he wasn't as active as before because he found his true love, cooking. 

Managing these restaurants surely keeps him busy so we ask how he divides his time from work and being with his twins, Marvin says, for now, since the mother of the kids is out of country, he gets up like 5:30 prepare them for school, he personally brings them to school and then comes back home and prepare for his whole day activity, he is now also into Golf where he finds it a good bonding time with the kids. Asked if he sees the twins interested in cooking, his eyes light up and says, "yes", every time he cooks at home the kids would be with him watching him or helping in the food preparation. He even shared that sometimes when they go to other restaurants the twins would ask if they own the place, cute! So now together with Knorr for sure another successful partnership with now the Chef Marvin. And oh all the food prepared on this event was cooked by Chef Marvin himself and I must say I was full. Cheers to Knorr and Chef Marvin.

Press Release:

Industry leader Knorr and its endorser Chef Marvin Agustin continue to be sources of inspiration to Filipino families, especially the moms. With this partnership of two of the  respected names in the food industry, expect only a continuous enriching of the Filipino family’s dining experience via a host of new projects, products, and recipes.

According to Marvin Agustin, recently named Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the values - Passion,Innovation, and the heart for good food – are the things that bind him and Knorr.  
“It’s nice to promote something that you've been already using for a long time, inspired by the teachings of my mom, cooked and served well from the heart,” explains Chef Marvin. “Good food brings good friends and family together, so having Knorr by your side, is already an assurance that you have an ally in the kitchen, which I consider the heart of every home.”
Chef Marvin considers his mom Maria Teresa as his inspiration in everything he does, including being a chef. In fact, his soon-to-be-opened and first Filipino family restaurant Maria Teresa is a loving tribute to his mom.

“The kitchen has bonded me and my mom in unexpected ways, and I am thankful that Knorr has given me this chance to share a part of myself to every mother in the country,” says the accomplished restaurateur-chef-actor.“Together with Knorr, we will provide modern-day Filipino families with dishes that respond to their needs, while making their cooking experience fulfilling,pleasurable and enriching.”

Being a part of the Knorr family, Marvin will create dishes that highlight how Knorr products (Sinigang Sa Sampaloc Original Mix, Knorr Cubes,and Ginataang Gulay Mix) can help Filipino mothers create the best dishes fortheir families

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